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Definition Of Terms

Term Definition
4/4,5/4,6/4,8/4 These are units of measure for the thickness of unsurfaced lumber (rough).
Board Foot (bf) This is a unit of measure one foot long, one foot wide, and one inch thick or its equivalent. In surfaced lumber, the board foot is taken from the lumber before surfacing.
Kiln Dried This is the process of taking moisture out of boards thus effecting stability. Badger Hardwoods' lumber is nominal 7% to 9% moisture content.
Random Widths and Lengths This refers to the variation in widths, always measured in inches; and in lengths, always measured in feet. When a minimum width and length is ordered all lumber shipped will be minimum or wider, minimum or longer.
Rough This is unsurfaced lumber.
S2S This is lumber that is planed or surfaced on two sides.
Selected Sizes These are lengths or widths that are specifically requested. (Example: 6" wide boards or 6' long boards.)
Sel+Btr Select and Better Grade of Lumber - Grades of at least 80% clear in cuttings 4" wide by 5' long or 3" wide by 7' long minimum. Minimum is 4" by 6' long.
1 Comm 1 Common Grade of Lumber - Grades at least 66.66% clear in cuttings 3" wide by 3' long or 4" wide by 2' long minimum. Minimum 3" wide by 4' long.
UPS maximum length is 8' We reserve the right to cut any lumber over 8' for shipping purposes only.
SLR Straight Line Ripping - sawing a straight edge on one side of the board.

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How to Figure Board feet

You need to figure total board feet in order to apply the correct shipping costs for your order. Use the following formulas to figure your total board feet per species.
Lumber Thickness Calculation
4/4 Width (inches) x Length (feet) divided by 12
5/4 Width (inches) x Length (feet) divided by 9.5
6/4 Width (inches) x Length (feet) divided by 8
8/4 Width (inches) x Length (feet) divided by 6

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How To Figure Weight

When figuring shipping costs you need to know the weight. of your order. For each species, use the boardfoot total and multiply it by the weight per boardfoot supplied in the description of the species you are buying.

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